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Blue Book
My friends oc by sealy512-d9gg3us
Background information
Creator Blue Book07
Main Attributes Books and jackets
Elemental Attribute Books?
Theme Color Purple. Yes, purple. Not blue.
Theme Animal
Theme Song I dont know yet..
Favorite Food pie
Character information
Age Pre-teen
Gender Female
Occupation Librarian (part time)
Tribe Unicorns
Goal She's got too many to list
Residence Dorm 100 in Fillydelphia
Relatives Cherry Chonga
Allies Crystal Crown, Paint Splatter, Double Clef, Balloon, Gwendolyn, Jeffrey, headphones
Enemies Name brand Headphones, Magva's test scores
Likes Books, pie, quiet
Dislikes Cherry's singing, cake, comics
Powers and abilities Book selection, wit, teleportation
Weapons lasers, dictionary, dubstep making bird
Ships No way. Nope. Never.
Quote Pie= Mc². And nothing you say can change that!

Blue Book is a unicorn, the (former) main librarian of Trottingham Archives, alongside her best friend Gwen.

Development and design

Blue Book was inspired by an odd love of jackets, and the color of said jacket. Blue Book's name comes from the word "blue", derived from her obviously blue coat. User:Kitty2, who came up with her design, commented that she was originally supposed to be User:Blue Book07's favorite color. However, after making the art, she discovered that her favorite color was, in fact, purple. However, such a mistake created, in Blue Book07's openion, a much better looking character.

Blue Book is slightly taller than most ponies, with multiple exeptions, like Pastel Psycho. As with regular unicorns, when Blue casts magic, a magic aura surrounds both her horn and the objects her magic affects. The color of this glow matches that of her eyes. Her tail and mane are typically very messy, with the exceptions of large, important events.

Depiction in the series


Blue Book is introduced in the prologue of the first episode, depicted as a slightly irritated student looking for a tour of the school.

Following the prologue, Blue Book reads a sign for the student tour that begins in two minutes. She makes her way to the group, and ends up meeting her roommate and (future) best friend Crystal Crown.


In one alternate timeline after Blue Book messes around with time spells and causes a rather twisted timeline, she causes a WIP.


Blue Book acts as a friend to Crystal Crown, Paint Splatter, Balloon, Gwendolyn.


Despite feeling slightly lost in Fillydelphia, she often encourages jokes and well meaning pranks. She also shows great love for Fanfiction.

While well meaning in her jokes, Blue Book has difficulty paying attention and taking things seriously. When lost in the main complex with Crystal Crown after getting separated from the rest of the band, Blue Book first has no idea that they are lost, then becomes worried, reciting fanfiction chapters and having trouble calming down. She will take almost any measure to keep her grades up, going as far as asking a changling to take her place for the day.


Other than shelving books, Blue Book displays teleportation in various episodes. Other instances of her using magic are in cooking class, when an absentminded spell causes the blueberry muffins to dance the conga, over the weekends where she successfully makes Gwen a stronger wing, and in the dorm, where she makes Jeffery a new turntable.

In the amount of time before the large, dreaded, three week long EOGT, Blue Book attempts to use some magic that surrounds their horn with black fog and makes their irises glow red and their eyes glow green and emit a purple trail, much like the old illustrations of a unicorn (later revealed to be King Sombra). The magic causes black crystals to grow from the ground, frightening Blue Book to the point where she looses control and destroys half the library. She later revealed during her detention that it was almost as destructive as the time she tried to make cheesecake.

WIP! Yay!

Told you it was a WIP.

Blue Book
None right Now
Background Information
Creator Blue Book07
Main Attribute Strategizing... Or trying to.
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal ...
Theme Color Ice-blue
Theme Song Silent Running
MBTI Personality .
Character Information
Age ...
Gender Female
Occupation ex-soldier
Orientation ...
Tribe Unicorn
Goal To survive
Residence Crystal Empire POW camp
Relatives Cherry Chonga (Whereabouts Unknown)
Allies The rest of the EUP Army
Enemies Crystal Empire Residents
Likes Books
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities Average abilities
Weapons magic
Ships type here
Quote type here

Oh, I just died in your arms tonight

It must've been something you said

I just died in your arms tonight

Equestria will fall.

Or, thats the way it seems. The continent once so bright and varied has been bombed, blanketed in ash, scoured by fire and poison and dust.

And yet life found a way.

Welcome to the Battlefield Wasteland.


Blue Book is a young female Unicorn and ex-soldier who who was captured by the Crystal Empire

She belongs to The Dot Master.

I keep looking for something I can't get

Broken hearts lie all around me

And I don't see an easy way to get out of this



In the Wasteland, appearances aren't usually deceiving.

In a kinder time, if she hadn't been brought into the era of ash and fire and destruction, Blue Book might have been considered beautiful. Tall. Light. A coat the color of the deepest part of the ocean, like the kind that covered the ground in the ruins of the old Summer Palace. Eyes that once glimmered wwith excitement.

No longer.

Because war took its toll, Blue Book is far from pretty. Her navy coat took on a gray tinge, almost ashen. Her eyes no longer light up, for what good can be found in all this?

She is pretty tall for a pony, but she's lightly built, almost like a dancer -- or a hunter. Years of military work and harsh training since the war began have given her both sleek muscles and toughness: the kind of toughness that you need to survive in the terrible place that used to be called Equestria. However, not all the training in the world could give her bravery. Due to a lack of adequate food in the Wasteland, she is often quite hungry and her ribcage can occasionally be seen.

Blue Book usually wears a beat-up, dark gray army jacket from her time in the military. Since she hasn't grown much since then, it still fits her, and she rarely takes it off. It has a stylized white moon emblazoned on one shoulder -- the insignia of the unit she was in. Besides this, she doesn't wear much other clothing.

Is there any just cause for feeling like this

On the surface I'm a name on a list

I try to be discreet, but then I screwed up again



type here yeeeeah
Now do what I should have done, I realized too late...







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