So, this page is currently just a jumble of ideas. Please do not place it in the Mary Sue Category,   as it is... not really a character yet. 

Cherry Chonga
Background Information
Creator 0
Main Attribute 0
Elemental Attribute 0
Theme Animal 0
Theme Color(s) 0
Theme Song 0
MBTI Personality 0
Character Information
Age as old as ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gender 0
Orientation 0
Occupation 0
Tribe 0Wings
Goal 0
Residence 0
Relatives 0
Allies 0
Enemies 0
Likes 0
Dislikes 0
Powers and abilities 0
Weapons 0
Ships 0
Quote Oh no, it's 0 again.


something exists


of your page here.

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