NOTE: this is an AU, so the characters will be very, very, very different.

The sky was bright as birds took flight. The trees were green like never before seen. The streams dodged and weaved and flowers bloomed in the breeze. However, to think this day good, you would soon find yourself mistaken.

Two figures; One stood for protection in white armor. Its plates ripped its mesh torn and the hid of her simmered and burned. Two arrows skillfully placed by the string of an archer clung to her, refusing to release their barbed ends.

The other figure; laid weakly atop the dark armored mare, her wing broken. Her body pierced by arrows, succeeding the unicorn's count only by one. With one wing folded tightly against his side the other dragged along the ground with singed feathers and exposed skin.

One step after the next. One hoof in front of the other. Each taken with increasing stress, one after the other. She couldn’t give up but even she didn’t know her own heading. Only feeling the need to travel away from the armies of Istudious. Their defining war bows  of the empire no doubt trailing them ready to unleash volleys, upon volleys of heavy metal arrows once more.

However it wasn’t the fear of obliteration that pushed the unicorn on. It’s not as if she never feared in all her time of being a soldier, no. She had at many times felt scared for her and her team's life but now she absolutely was terrified because never before had any pony of her’s been so close to death such as Paint Splatter. So close and only creeping forward as time passed.

The guard glanced from side to side again. The area had stayed quiet all day. All week, even. That worried her. It seemed like every week something happened somewhere in Equestria. Fillydelphia, a large city, got a lot of it, of course. Any place with a large population seemed to attract them, however, and the city of Fillydelphia was no exception. Far from it. An attack felt so overdue. It was the same as the assassination plots. If they offered ransom, more were sent. The guard scanned the area again. The area sounded quiet, seemed pleasant and peaceful. She had checked the front gate, the front doors, and the central walkway a dozen times, and everything looked fine. She tightened her grip on her spear. It had been enchanted, of course, but she often supposed they gave out armor and weapons to the guards for psychological security rather than martial efficacy. The front gate swung open, and the guard readied her spear. Whoever was opening it had failed to announce themselves, and that worried her. She prepared to call out to them, to order them to identify themselves. Her mouth began to form the words right as the gates opened fully. The guard paused. The words stuck in her throat. Crystal Crown walked through the gate—except she looked different. Her silver piercings had tarnished slightly, and her coat looked dingy and unkempt. Most noticeable was her hair; brown streaks accompanied its usual multicolored luster. They looked like discolorations in an old photograph. Slung across her back was the Pegasus pony Paint Splatter. The unicorn walked so slowly. She strolled casually up the central walkway, her hooves clacking softly on the occasional rock in the path. Every step echoed. Every swish of hair and clank of armor sounded like a firework’s explosion. Finally, she arrived at the front doors and looked down at the guard. Crystal smiled, and it looked just like her tough love smile. “You just don't know what you're doing, do you Blue Book? Why don't you crawl back to that hole you call Trottingham." The Pegasus said, pushing past her. Blue Book sighed. She hadn't asked to join the army. She had never wanted to be assigned to Silvermoon squadron. But  this was war.

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