This thing is an opinion! No flames in the comments.    Over the days I've seen some pretty terrible ocs. From pink alicorns to neon zebras, I thought I'd seen the worst. But more just keep coming! So, welcome to Blue Book07's guide on how to make an oc. And how not to make an oc, hence the title.

What is your oc?

The canon show has shown that there are multiple species. Do you want to have a pegisus? An Earth pony? Your oc doesn't have to be a pony. What about dragons, Griffins, or changlings? Don't just pick one that you think will fit in. Find something that sets it apart from other ocs.

Note: If you chose to make an alicorn, scroll to the bottom of the page.

What's their name?

For Celestia's sake, DON'T MATCH NAMES WITH PERSONALITY. Seriously. Don't try to justify it with canon ponies like Cranky. It just doesn't work out. How would the parents know the child would be crankey when he grew up? Insted, look at the known canon families. Twilight Velvet, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Apple Bloom....see a pattern? And don't even think about the "shiny" names. Glimmer, Shimmer, Sparkle....It's been done to death!


Don't make it overly tragic. Seriously. All lives have ups and downs. Don't take it to the extreme, or else youcharacter will seem poorly written. Avoid orphans at all costs. They're cliche, and it's unlikely that both parents are going to mysteriously drop dead. If it is important to the plot, don't brush the deaths under the carpet. I actually know someone who's adopted, and she doesn't burst into tears every time someone mentions her parents, but she is still sad about the deaths of two innocent people. So, be carful.


Simple guide to alicorns: Unless you are a pro, steer clear of them. Lauren only wanted TWO alicorns in  the show, and there are now too many to count. If you must make one, have a reason. And I mean a REALLY good reason. Twilight didn't even NEED to be an alicorn. She was the element of magic, could do magic better than any other unicorn shown who didn't have a soul sucking amulet on, and was really good friends with Celesta. Come on. HAVE CREATIVITY. Most alicorns are created on a whim, without any thought, or even a name. Don't go there. Youre better than that.   

Now, the best way to NOT create an oc....

1. Take a picture of Rainbow Dash

2.Now make her wings alicorns wings. For maximum sue-ness, make the feathers alternate black and red

3. Make her mane big and flowy, and recolor everything. Try to do it in less than five minutes.

4. Make sure she has a horn

5. Give her some unknown territory to rule

6. Make her the best at everything

7. Make sure her past is tragic.

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