e How it works is you have a general idea, then bonus points to make it more interesting For example:

-Write a story about being a warrior in an alternate future. Bonus points if no actual fighting occurs.

-Write a story about a secret. Bonus points if many people know it.

- Please insert your awesome things here.

-The light blacked out. One was gone, with only bloody numbers all around the halls in 204 or something

-Someone had an idea.

-A pony ran away

-A escaping prisoner

-a deformed creature trying to fit in with society.

-A pony finds a series of caverns with a multitude of old and magical objects

-The daughter of two well-respected/amazing ponies/etc. has to live up to expectations

-a pony wakes up with no memory at all

-haunted things/ evil spirits (wreaking the hero/villian)

-A new item/materiel was found. Now it's in the market

-The pony gets caught, and it's no small matter

-A pony in each of the different...types.. (I guess.) can see the dead spirits of others..and they aren't always harmless

-Split personalities

Titles ....Titles...Anyone?(You got some:) I have one it's a wip though rip me

Into the Chasm

The Wall will Fall

Winds are Whispering

Sea Coves and Bells

The Girl with the Tye Dye Wing

Crumbling Hope

-A flying sky

A crushing edge

The cursed spell

Dapper Ocean

Queen of the Lonely

On The Edge Of Life And Death

Requiem of Ghosts

The Thief's Path

The Traitor's Leader

The Tyrant's Reign

Two Cursed, One Ravaged

Red Forgiveness

Tongues and Talons

The Falcon's Flight

Before They Are Burned

By Blood, A Hope

The Claw Incites

The Highly Honest History of a Hero

Marching the Marshes

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

Banners of the Sky

-Past that Haunts Us

Ten Ways to (Not) Get a Pony

The Water Study Obelisk  

Prince of Necessity

Half a Unicorn

Half a Pegasus

Half a Pony

Half a Leader

Taste of Power

A Bronzed Bitterness

The Past, Present, and Future      

One for Everything


Sick of Life

The Little Things Though

H   e   l   p...

The Cute Cat in Your Lap

Scavengers are Wasted

Frozen Over

Though The Winds Change, I'll Still Be Here

I'm Lost, Can You Help Me?

What's Fake and What's Real


In The End

I Swore I'd Never Leave You...

(With a sequel called "I Lied")

The Queen of Nothing

On the Evening of the Final Day

Uncaged, Untamed, Unbroken

What Lurks in The Shadow

The Jewel of The Kingdom

The Time of Her Life

What We SharedThe Day Time Stood Still

Do or Die

Chasing Storms

Why Little Fillies Shouldn't Have Firecrackers

The Curse of Silence

The Light on the Horizon

The Glitter in Their Eyes

Cuts Like a Knife

It was a Simple Thing, Really...

Inherit the Fire

When Lightning Strikes

Dancing with Dragons on a Saturday Evening

A Game of Magic and Mayhem

Thrones for Grabs

Winterstorm .

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