Paint Splatter has the best looks! Her pelt is sky blue that is cut short at the hooves. it shows her purple skin. Her mane is green, with 3 streaks down the middle. first orange, then pink, then orange again. The feathers on her wings have green, pink, and orange splatters of paint on them. One day, she had an extra tube of white paint so she put it on her mane and down the side of her ears. She liked how it looked and made it a permanent look. She in never seen without her red star earrings, one of her little quirks. It is the same with her mane, always in a really loose pony-tail. Nobody really knows how it is held like that because there is no maneband. Even Blue Book can't figure it out.


Paint was born and raised in Fillydelphia. She never moved. That is until she went off to boarding school (but that's a different story!). Until she was about six years old, she had absolutely no physical strength. That includes flying. She realized how great she was at flying when her brother accidentally let go of her while swinging her around in the air. Her wings were practically glued to her sides so it wasn't that of a great idea. After swinging her around a bunch, the momentum started to take hold and the two pony's grips loosened. The grip loosened so much that paint went off flying. She forced her wings to extend while her brother bolted toward her to catch her and shouted out how to fly. Basically, because of her brother, she is now one of the best flyers at her school! Because she is such a fast flyer, she is perfect for the flyers track team and flying back for Stormball!

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