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Queen Dragonfly belongs to User: Blue Book07 and Kitty2


Queen Dragonfly

Queen Dragonfly is a pegacorn pony, the ruler of the Sapphire Rose hive, and the sister of Autumn. In addition to her responsibility of running the hive, she has also developed a love of gemstones. In fact, because of her, the amount of gemstones shown on ones person shows rank.

Development and Design

Queen Dragonfly was inspired by an old classmate of The Dot Master.

"She was the most snobby, idiotic, and over all stuck up little (female dog) I ever met! '"
~What Blue Book07 remembers the classmate as

Queen Dragonfly is larger than most ponies. As with regular changling queens, when Dragonfly casts magic, a magic aura surrounds both her horn and the objects her magic affects. The color of this glow is yet to be seen. Her tail and mane seem to have a natural shimmer to them. However, this is revealed to simply be gemstones she braided into her hair.



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Being Queen, Dragonfly is never seen without at least a few quartz stones. Dragonfly takes great pride in her appearance, and, along with her crown, often wears gems braided into her mane, silver earrings, and sometimes sometimes wears a small, sapphire studded ring around her horn. Queen Dragonfly, unlike Queen Chrysalis, has only one small hole in her leg, and her horn is simply curved, rather than looking like it was blown apart. She often pins her long hair up.


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Family Relations




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